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Hkable 3D company profile

  Hkable 3D is a Sino-foreign joint venture, with a research and development base in Canada and the United States, and China as the production and sales of entity enterprises. It is the world's leading biomedical 3D solutions provider and has long been committed to build international biomedical 3D Printing Service platform system, in order to help research and development institutions and each patient to customize 3D biomedical holistic solution implementation.
      We have a sound independent research and development system and team, with the world's first leading 3D biomedical printer, 3D bio-ink, 3D polymer materials, to achieve the independent innovation patent, the realization of the medical research and development results of transformation and industrialization.


  Hkable 3D's mission is to apply the latest achievements of modern life science to human health, improve people's well-being, further research and development, and produce more effective new technology in life science.